For all coloured belts, to progress to your next grade you will be asked to demonstrate some techniques plus show your knowledge of Judo terminology, including the English meanings of some Japanese phrases. For some of the higher grades you will also be expected to demonstrate practical use of Judo in a Randori situation. If you think you know what is needed for your next grading, then the coaches at the club can conduct the grading during the Judo session. Please ask at the start of the session, or let the desk know that you want to grade when you pay. Don’t forget that we will ask you to tell us the English names of the techniques, so make sure you know what they are called as well as knowing how to do them! If you are not sure what is needed, or you’ve looked at your next grading in the syllabus and you aren’t sure what something means, then please ask. We’re always happy to show you what is needed, and it can often form part of the lesson plan.

You will find useful resources for grading on the British Judo Association (BJA) website. In particular the syllabus, some illustrations and some video demonstrations. Junior members are “mon” grades, whilst seniors are “Kyu” grades. See:

Under 8s (Kano class): We aim to assess your gradings as we go along through the lessons, rather than it being your responsibility to come and ask. We are currently considering adopting the new Sho grade scheme for our younger members.