Want to start Judo?

New to Judo? We offer a free taster session so that you can try Judo before committing yourself. You can come along and join in with the appropriate training session for your age where one of our coaches will provide beginners tuition to enable you to safely learn the basics and get a feel for what Judo is about.

All you need to do is to contact us (details below or on the Contact Us page). The minimum age for new joiners is 5.

If you enjoy it and want to carry on, then we can sort out the next steps for you.

To carry on you will need:

  • A Judo suit. We can supply these typically for around £30-£50, depending upon size.
  • To pay a per-session mat fee/club membership (see the Time & Prices page)
  • A license from the British Judo Association (BJA) http://www.britishjudo.org.uk/. Currently these are £24 for a Sho grade (5-7 yrs), £31 for a Junior (8-15 yrs), and £42 for a senior (16+)

To come along for a taster session, or any enquiries about beginning judo, please contact:

Experienced already? If you are not new to Judo and simply want to join our club, please come along to the appropriate Judo session.